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Andersen Etudes, opus 15--complete

The first comprehensive and authoritative recording of these etudes!


Complete set on 2 CD's

bulletPrepared from the original edition
bulletMusical, expressive performances
bulletItalian subtitles translation chart
bulletListen to sound clips of Etude 3 in G Major and Etude 24 in D Minor.
Hopkins plays these virtuoso etudes with taste and a technical ease that many students work for years to never achieve. This is an excellent addition to the library of every Andersen etude devotee. ~Flute Talk magazine, December 2011

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Barbara Hopkins: Joachim Andersen Etudes, opus 15


Andersen Opus 15 Etudes

Translations of Italian expressive subtitles





1. C Major

Con gusto

With style, zest

2. A Minor

Con grandezza With grandeur

3. G Major

Con garbo Graceful, elegant

4. E Minor

Aflitto Grieved

5. D Major

Con alterezza Haughtily

6. B Minor

Barocco; Piu lento con abbandono Baroque; Slower with abandonment

7. A Major

Con dolcezza With sweetness

8. F# Minor

Con agitazione With agitation
9. E Minor Affabile Affable, friendly
10. C# Minor Con calore With warmth
11. B Major Con agilita With nimbleness
12. G# Minor Adirato Angry
13. F# Major Con disperatione With despair
14. D#/Eb Minor Con sentimento With feeling
15. Db Major Con allegrezza With cheerfulness
16. Bb Minor Con tristezza With sadness
17. Ab Major Animato Lively
18. F Minor Bizarro Unusual, capricious

19. Eb Major

Con leggerezza

With lightness, nimbleness

20. C Minor

Con fermezza With firmness
21. Bb Major Carezzando Loving, affectionate
22. G Minor Con fretta With haste
23.F Major Leggiero Lightly
24. D Minor Con impeto

Con gravita

Con festivita


Con fuoco

With vehemence

Dignified, serious

With festivity


With fire

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