Barbara Hopkins, Flutist






Musical Recordings
    Ballade, by Armand Périlhou (1846-1936)
    Barbara Hopkins flute; Anne Kan, piano   
    Tenderness of Cranes, by Shirish Korde (b. 1945)
    Composed in 1991; based on a traditional shakuhachi melody.
    Barbara Hopkins, solo flute

    Oh Dolce Concerto, Thême de L’Opéra La Flûte Magique de Mozart, by Philip Ernst (1792-1868)
    (Variations on Das Klinget so Herrlich from The Magic Flute, arranged for flute and guitar by Ernst c. 1825)                
    Rosewood Chamber Ensemble
    Barbara Hopkins, 9 keyed wooden flute (copy by Fridtjof Aurin of an original by Wilhelm Liebel, c. 1830)
    Judy Handler, Martin “Parlor” style guitar, 1893


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Barbara Hopkins, Flutist
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