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Telemann Methodical Sonatas, vol. 1

Barbara Hopkins: Telemann Methodical Sonatas, vol. 1

This acclaimed CD combines performances of five sonatas with detailed study notes on Baroque ornamentation. Included are suggestions for analyzing the sonatas, a glossary of ornaments Telemann uses, and information on articulation and style.  Also included are the “rules for Baroque ornamentation” developed by the late Sam Baron.

Features the sonatas in G Minor, A Major, E Minor, D Major, and A Minor.

Here is an mp3 clip of the fourth movement of the e minor sonata.

Click here to hear a clip of the second movement of the D Major Sonata.

This lovely and instructive new recording brings to the fore one of the most important and practical sources of information about the interpretation of Baroque music. Included on this CD are five sonatas out of the twelve published by Georg Phillip Telemann in two sets in 1728 and 1732. In addition to her very clean, relaxed, and expressive performances, flutist Hopkins (Professor of Flute at the University of Connecticut and a member of the Hartford Symphony) provides in her liner notes a very concise but extremely helpful study guide for how to analyze the Baroque sonata, a glossary of ornaments Telemann uses, and other helpful information on articulation and style. Of course, for study purposes these recorded realizations of Telemann’s suggested possibilities need to be used along with his written score, which provides copious illustrations of the kind of kind of ornamentation the composer considered appropriate—and they are much more elaborate and intricate than the way most 18th century sonatas are usually played today. And, in the performances by Hopkins and Skernick, these seemingly simple melodies come to life with the addition of informed use of articulation, nuance, affect, and embellishments. The works take on a shape and direction of line that makes them full, rich and highly musical. Her flute tone is so limpid, yet focused, and resonant that her interpretations sound convincing and absolutely natural on the modern silver flute. And Skernick’s continuo playing provides a rhythmic, melodic and harmonic underpinning that is full and balanced. Whether for information, amusement, or amazement you are sure to find this recording compelling and well worth purchasing.         
                 --Jerry Pritchard,
The Flute Network
Dr. Barbara Hopkins, with harpsichordist Linda Skernick, has produced a beautifully-crafted recording of five of Telemann's "Methodical" Sonatas. The recording quality is outstanding, capturing a natural, well-balanced sound, while maintaining all the modern expectations of clarity. The musical performances are also outstanding: Hopkins has honed her sound on the modern flute to a concept of tone color and vibrato which expresses an understanding of the traverso without sounding overtly imitative of the Baroque instrument. The CD booklet includes four pages of informative and well-resented notes described as a "Baroque Ornamentation Study Guide." Hopkins has undertaken a worthwhile project, and we look forward to Volume Two!
                  --Dr. Rebecca Dunnell, Kansas City Flute Association

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Barbara Hopkins: Telemann Methodical Sonatas, Vol. 1

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